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Nevis bookkeeper agrees to resign

Nevis School District bookkeeper Betsy Anderson has agreed to resign and accept a negotiated settlement, releasing all claims against the district.

The school board, following a 15-minute closed session Wednesday night, unanimously approved a four-page termination agreement drafted by their attorney, Jim Wallace.

Anderson will receive eight weeks of severance pay ($5,539).

Anderson was placed "on leave" in late August after her son, Jon Hoffman, questioned Nevis superintendent Steve Rassier's personal use of a district vehicle in southern Minnesota.

Rassier maintained, however, that placing Anderson on leave "had nothing to do with the Suburban issue; it was a personnel issue. Absolutely."

Anderson said she was asked to meet with Rassier and school board chair Ed Becker Wednesday, Aug. 25 after her son's questioning of Rassier's use of the vehicle was brought to their attention.

When Anderson refused, telling them she wanted an attorney present, she stated she was told to "turn in her keys and leave the building immediately due to insubordination."

The termination agreement states Anderson "promises not to sue" and discharges the district from all liability. The district has agreed to provide prospective employers a reference letter.

Per the document, Anderson "agrees not to disparage or defame ISD 308, its board members, or employees in any respect or make any negative comments concerning (her) employment relationship with ISD 308."

The school district "agrees that its board members and superintendent shall not disparage or defame Anderson in any respect or make any negative comments concerning her employment relationship" with the district.

The agreement calls for Anderson to return all school district records and documents by Sept. 15. She is not to retain any copies of documents.

Anderson, who did not attend the meeting, may claim unemployment benefits.