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Enrollment positive in Park Rapids

Park Rapids superintendent Glenn Chiodo reports a "great start" to the school year with enrollment up nearly 30 students from last year.

A total of 1,537 students were tallied Tuesday, not including early childhood enrollees. This is up from 1,496 in June and 1,509 in September 2009.

Chiodo reported seeing a number of students coming from out of state this year.

"Overall, the numbers are good," he said. A "final" count for the beginning of the year is usually established in mid-September.

The kindergarten class is the second largest in the district, with 133 arriving to begin their formal education.

Century Elementary students total 582, with 112 in first grade, 102 in second grade, 108 in third and 127 in fourth.

Middle school enrollment is 458, with 126 in fifth, 120 in sixth, 108 in seventh and 104 in eighth grade.

High school students total 497, with 118 in ninth, 139 in 10th, 132 in 11th grade and 108 seniors.


Nevis School District enrollment has declined slightly, 509 students arriving this week compared with the 525 in September 2009. Student numbers totaled 510 at the end of the 2009-10 school year.

By grade, kindergarten enrollment was 42, first grade 34, second grade 30, third grade 40, fourth grade 32 and fifth and sixth grades were both at 38, with a total in the elementary of 254 students.

High school enrollment was 40 in the seventh grade, 47 in the eighth, 56 freshmen, 43 sophomores, 33 juniors and 36 seniors.


Menahga School District is reporting an increase in enrollment of 30 students compared to last year.

The district reported a total of 802 students Tuesday, up from 772 students the first day of school in 2009.

By grade, there are 88 kindergarten students, 84 in first grade, 78 in second grade, 63 in third grade, 70 in fourth grade, 51 in fifth grade and 61 in sixth grade for a total of 495 in the elementary.

In the high school, there are 58 seventh graders, 52 eighth graders, 56 freshmen, and 54 sophomores, 40 juniors and 47 seniors, for a total of 307.

The growth comes entirely from increases in the elementary grades, with 495 elementary students this year compared with 465 last year. The high school numbers are the same as last year.