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Park Rapids seniors receive diplomas Sunday

Mary Kading, valedictorian, speaks to her class about possibilities for the future. (Anna Erickson / Enterprise)1 / 3
Student speaker Jonah Pearson adds some humor to his speech by wearing a sombrero in place of his graduation cap. (Anna Erickson / Enterprise)2 / 3
2010 graduates Sean Hayes and Caleb Atkins play with the band one last time3 / 3

Park Rapids commencement was Sunday afternoon at the Park Rapids Area High School. Family and friends attended to celebrate with the graduates.

More than $90,000 was awarded through scholarships to Park Rapids Area High School students at a program last week. Several awards were also given out at the program.


Student Council - $250 to Heather Goodwater.

Alworth Scholarships - $20,000 to Mary Kading, Heather Goodwater and Jake Grimes.

Skeffington Family Scholarship - $1,000 to Nathan Gebhart.

Delores Clack Memorial scholarship - $1,000 to Hannah Wolff

Al and Ruth Monico Scholarship - $500 to Chelsey Tandsetter.

Gayle Wallace Memorial Scholarship - $500 to Kyja Penning

Debbie Yelick Memorial Scholarship - $500 to Mary Kading

Koerper Scholarships - $600 each to Paul Dirks, Jake Grimes, Mary Kading, Dan Ricke, Ben Sitz, Tony Schmid, Chelsey Tandsetter, Shannon Taylor and Kyja Penning.

Gibbs Scholarships - $400 to Mary Kading and $500 to Jake Grimes.

Itasca Mantrap - $500 each to Angie Haas and Jonah Pearson.

TIME Math Scholarship - $150 to Robert Swanstrom.

Trig Star Awards - $50 to Anna Grimes, $75 to Josh Hayes and $200 to Mark Bravo.

Wrestling Boosters - $400 each to John Drury, Cameron Free, Dylan Holmer, Jared Nash and Caleb Atkins.

Don Savage Memorial Scholarship - $400 to Kyja Penning.

St. Joseph's Area Health Services - $1,000 to Amy Kniss.

Innovis Health - $500 to Hannah Wolff.

PEO Scholarships - $1,000 each to Mary Kading and Kyja Penning.

Park Rapids Chapter FJ of PEO International - $200 each to Angie Haas, Mary Kading and Trisha Matheny.

Park Rapids Lions Club - $500 each to Jonah Pearson and Angie Haas.

Smythe Family Scholarship, State Bank of Park Rapids - $4,000 to John Drury.

Osage Senior Citizen's Scholarship - $300 to Paul Dirks.

Osage Lion's Club - $500 each to Caleb Atkins, Missy Bensen and Paul Dirks and $300 to Roth Mattson.

Air Force scholarship - Nathan Smart.

American Legion Auxiliary - $500 each to Heather Goodwater and Angie Haas.

Royale B. and Eleanor M. Arvig Memorial Scholarship - $3,000 to Angie Haas.

Kiwanis Educational Foundation - $750 to Mary Kading.

Society of Women Engineers - Mary Kading.

Alpha Delta Kappa (Theta Chapter) - $500 to Angie Haas.

College scholarships

Northern State University - $10,000 to Jared Nash.

University of Minnesota Edelstein Family Foundation Scholarship - $20,000 to Heather Goodwater.

St. John's University - $11,500 to Ben Sitz.

North Dakota State University - $10,000 to Dillon Theis, $700 to Robert Swanstrom, and $700 to Chelsey Tandsetter.

University of North Dakota - $10,000 presidential scholarship to Mary Kading.

University of North Dakota - $4,000 community of learners scholarship each to Trisha Matheny, Steve Smith and Shelby Weckworth.


Outstanding Student Council Award - Sean Hayes.

Outstanding English Awards - Jake Grimes, Jonah Pearson and Mary Kading.

Outstanding Social Awards - Heather Goodwater and Jonah Pearson.

Artist of the Year - Greta Ertl.

Outstanding Math Awards - Jonah Pearson, Mary Kading and Jake Grimes.

Perfect Attendance Awards

Grade 9 - Michelle Farlee, Katelyn Hilmanowski, Tonya Melott, Kaitlin Olson, Tanner Otterness, Paul Prenevost, Chelsey Riewer, Josh Walker and Jon Wiederin.

Grade 10 - Brock Fritze, Katie Just, Emily Klingenberg, Alana McKeever, James Wells and Taylor Wheeler.

Grade 11 - Kelsey Adolphson, Jason Dennis, Victor French and Caleb Parks.

Grade 12 - Robert Swanstrom.