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PANTHER POST: Open/closed lunch policy unchanged

It appears that in the following year there will be no changes in the open/closed lunch policy, but a possibility for a larger selection at lunch.

When asked what the situation for next year's open/closed lunch policy looked like, high school principal, Al Judson responded, "There are no proposed changes at the moment." The rules remain the same that only juniors and seniors will be able to go out during lunch.

Without a reason to change the policy Judson said he won't. When asked the reason for the recent changes, Judson said, "Complaints by citizens with littering and shoplifting, and concerns from parents." These concerns were coming from parents of younger students who would ride in cars with upper-classmen.

Director of Food Services, Tom Marcussen felt that if lunch was closed to all students, the addition of at least one more staff member would be needed to take care of the extra students. Judson also felt that if the need to close lunch for all students occurred, the entire lunch system would need reevaluation.

As for a varied lunch menu, Marcussen said, "I hope to implement a more diverse menu as long as it meets all regulations." He also said, "Subway would be great option to add to our ala carte menu."

Freshman David Dirks said, "It would be nice to be able to go out to lunch, but a bigger selection would make staying in better." For Dirks and all other freshmen will have to wait another year to go out to lunch, but maybe more options are on the way.