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PANTHER POST: High school drop outs still a concern at Park Rapids High School

Graduation is supposed to be one of the happiest days in a high school student's life, but for some that day never comes.

Principal Al Judson has spent 20 years working in the Park Rapids Area School system. He has worked hard to find ways to give students the help they need to graduate from high school.

According to Judson, an average of 10 to 15 students drops out of school each year. This is a serious problem with no easy answer, but there are some things being done in order to help end this problem.

A few of the projects that are being implemented include the advisor groups that meet every few months to help give students a better connection to the teachers.

Another major goal is to get parents more involved in their childrens' lives. Judson believes that this will help get students to be more motivated to graduate.

Judson hopes these projects will show kids that they need to graduate.

"I hate to see bright young students throw it all away by not taking advantage of their abilities," added Judson.

Junior Jessica Dennis agrees that students should really think twice about dropping out saying, "You can't make a living without an education in today's economy."