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PANTHER POST: High school will have new principal this fall

Principal Al Judson is retiring in the summer of 2010; he is ready to give up his position as being principal to Mr. Jeff Johnson.

Judson appreciated that he had a good staff throughout the years, and he also thinks that Johnson will have a good successful year.

Judson said, "Johnson has already worked with students and teachers too. This will be a change for him."

According to John Schumacher, assistant principal and activities director, his advice for a successful year, "To take it slow and easy and rely on people that have been here before."

According to Johnson, "I am excited for the new year next fall and I'll be working with a great group of kid and great staff" He said, "He's mostly worked with kids in classes he's taught or as the middle school assistant principal. He is ready to take his role as principal. Making minor changes is what he is doing instead of making a huge drastic change.

According to Judson, "Johnson will have a change from the middle school to the high school." It's going to be a challenge for Johnson for his first year but all it's going to do is make minor changes to adjust to it.

According to Johnson, "I am leaving things the way they are for right now and I'll work my way to changing it."

As Judson is getting ready to pack up his belongings in his office, his retirement plans are visiting his grandchildren and traveling to California. He is ready to leave Park Rapids Area High School.

"We have good secretaries that do a good job without knowing it, and a good teaching staff and education plan," said Judson.