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Young composer's work travels to D.C

Myah Schultz is a dedicated musician/composer, practicing on family trips and while battling a cold.

Eleven-year-old Myah Schultz's original piano composition has an audience in Washington, D.C.

Myah was among the six Century School students whose first-place work in the PTA art contest was sent on to state competition.

At state, her "Beauty is" piece earned an Award of Outstanding Interpretation and a gold medal in musical competition for intermediate level students, grades 3-5.

The recording was sent on to the nation's capital to compete with top finalists from across nation.

Mom Jodi Schultz said Myah began music lessons as a second grader, inspired by her older sister Sarah.

Jodi Schultz attributes her daughter's composition skills to her teacher, Liz Shaw, who encourages her students to compose, integrating the students' original pieces in recitals.

Shaw also issued a 100-day challenge to spend 30 minutes a day on the keyboard. Myah stashed her keyboard in the car on weekend trips and continued the regimen while battling a cold.

This year, Myah carried on the routine on her own.

"Myah is a dedicated and creative pianist who took the initiative to put her original song to paper and create a recording on her own," Shaw said.

"I am her very proud teacher," Shaw said, but "100 percent of the credit goes to her."

Myah has not yet received notice on how she fared at nationals.

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