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One-act play advances to state to make 25th festival appearance

Park Rapids Area High School students will head to the one-act state festival in St. Paul Friday with the performance of "The Whole Shebang," by Rich Orloff. Cast and crew members include, front, Emily Schwartz and Eryn Simpson; second row, from left, Ben Pilkey, Sean Hayes, Rachel Fineday, Jake Grimes, Nathan Gebhard and Katie Johnson; third row, from left, Alana McKeever, Jason Dennis, Michelle Farlee, Kelsey Adolphson, Sarah Schultz, Amanda Splittstoesser and Natasha Shabaiash; top row, from left, Ton...

Park Rapids Area High School claimed first in the Section 6A one-act play competition Saturday and will be heading to St. Paul to perform "The Whole Shebang" at the state level Friday.

Jake Grimes and Nathan Gebhard received Actor of Merit awards and Grimes was chosen as one of four "outstanding performers" at the section competition.

They will perform at approximately 11 a.m. Friday, Feb. 12 at the O'Shaughnessy Auditorium on the campus of St. Catherine's University.

The Park Rapids students will leave Wednesday to view AA school competitions Thursday.

Tickets for the event are $15 for the day or $5 for a set of two plays.

Students will learn of awards and if they "star" in the event at the end of the day Friday.

Cast members are Grimes, Gebhard, Sean Hayes, Eryn Simpson, Ben Pilkey and Jenny Palm.

Crewmembers are Emily Schwartz, stage manager; Jacob Froelich and Michelle Farlee, technology; Jason Dennis, lights, and Tony Schmid, Sarah Schultz and Luke Swenson, sound. The set construction, props, costume and make-up crew includes Rachel Fineday, Kelsey Adolphson, Natasha Shabaiash, Katie Johnson, Amanda Splittstoesser, Alana McKeever and Brandon Hanson and Juliann Kjenaas is the director.

Park Rapids leads all qualifying schools by making its 25th festival appearance, 12 earning "starred performance."