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Students study environmental topics

Park Rapids students, from left, Brennan Larson, Dan Pike , Sophie Shogren, Alex Renner and Christian Ridlon examine soil samples at a learning station at the Envirothon. (Submitted photo)

Park Rapids students Sophie Shogren, Alex Renner, Brennan Larson, Danny Pike and Christian Ridlon were interested in learning more about the environment.

They had the opportunity to learn more by preparing and competing in the state Envirothon as sophomores.

The five-member team had to create a flood control structure plan for the frequently flooding Houston County that preserved biodiversity and minimized the environmental disturbance in the area.

The Envirothon is an outdoor environmental learning competition for high school students. Area competitions are administered by the state's Soil and Water Conservation Districts, in partnership with conservation organizations, educators, and other natural resource agencies.

The students visit five learning stations and take exams on each of the following topic: aquatics, forestry, soils, wildlife and current events.

The teams also give an oral presentation about the current events topic.

"It was fun getting to do something creative to learn more about the environment," Shogren said.

Being part of Envirothon was very time consuming, Renner said.

"We did a lot of research online and worked outside of school," he said.

Shogren said she would like to be involved with Envirothon again next year, as a junior. She's enjoyed studying a variety of science topics.

"Doing the presentation at state and doing well was pretty cool," she said.