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Menahga School project estimated at $8 million

The Menahga School building expansion project final cost estimates are in.

Superintendent Jerry Nesland said a proposal that's just over $8 million and a scaled down one just under $8 million will be presented to the school board Monday.

The cheaper version of the project will eliminate some remodeling, storage space, custodial and kitchen space.

The building and grounds committee will meet next Monday to discuss the tax impact of the project. It will then bring a recommendation to the school board Monday night.

Once the school board approves all aspects of the plan, a proposal will be sent to the Minnesota Department of Education.

Nesland said the department will take several weeks to review the data and then respond to the board. There is also a possibility of stimulus money that may be awarded to the district.

If the department decides to support the project, an election will take place between October and November.