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Park Rapids school end of year enrollment holds steady holds steady


The Park Rapids Area School Board looked at final enrollment figures for the 2014-15 schoolyear and approved new hires among business at its meeting Monday.

Enrollment held steady once again as the district showed a total of 1,466 students in grades K-12, up one from the April figures and down 18 from the start of school in September.

Elementary grades K-4 finished at 658, middle school 415 and high school 393 students. Pre-K enrollment finished at 42, and included in the school district total, Park Rapids finished the year with 1,508, down just four from 1,512 since September.

New hires

The board approved the hirings of Rachel Thelen, middle school art; Etta Scheidecker, elementary teacher; and Kari Johnson, elementary teacher.

New business

The board approved the transfer of $134,914 from unreserved general fund balance to assigned fund balance for capital projects to be completed this summer.

Also, approved the High School Catch-Up Hour plan which sets aside one hour a week next year for teachers to provide extra help to students with failing grades and have fallen behind in their schoolwork.

Student admission fees

The board had a brief discussion on the idea of possibly eliminating student admission fees to sporting events next year. Superintendent Lance Bagstad presented the discussion item to the board with the idea of providing an opportunity of more students to attend events without the financial burden on families to pay admission fees.

The board welcomed the idea with some concern for the district losing revenue. No action was taken at Monday’s meeting and Bagstad will form a committee to present a student admission fee proposal at the next meeting.