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Nevis approves Dean of Student position

By Nick Longworth

Gregg Parks sat at the school board table with his now fellow board members on Monday, July 28 for his first official school board meeting as the superintendent of Nevis Public Schools.

The school board decided upon a Dean of Students, current athletic and activities coordinator Bryan Wormley.

Three candidates applied for the position and were interviewed by a review group consisting of Parks, Principal John Strom, Stennes and two teachers.

“All three candidates represented themselves well during this process, but Bryan Wormely came out as our main contender,” Parks said.

Wormley’s current contract will not change the days he works, or the amount of pay he gets. All that will change is wording in his title, creating a half-time position.

With Wormley already employed within the district, Jeannette Dudley asked how this new title would interfere with his current responsibilities.

“We will replace Bryan’s Physical Ed. time with a half-time position,” Parks said.

Wormley will essentially be shifting responsibilities around within the district. He will begin meeting with Strom on a daily basis to discuss discipline issues pertaining to the day-to-day function of the district.

“We’ve been talking about this for several months – that we want to focus on discipline issues, and the Dean of Students will help us do that,” said Chairman Ed Becker.

The motion to approve the position was made by Marv Vredenburg, seconded by Ed Becker, and approved unanimously.

The school board also approved independent contracts for the 2014-15 year.

The contracts included: Arnold Kading (technology coordinator), Kathy Edwards (finance bookkeeper), Theresa McBrady (Payroll bookkeeper), Lynne Gustafson (board support/part-time secretary), Patricia Haynes (summer food program cook/coordinator), Daniel Stacy (transportation supervisor), Terry Schroeder (drivers education instructor), Bryan Wormley (athletic/activity director), Bruce Babler (bus mechanic), Renee Becker (school nurse), Abigail Henry (ECFE coordinator), Sarah Kading (ECFE parent education teacher), Jackie Brakke (school age care coordinator), Sara Lowry (school age care support staff), Richelle Kowalke (school readiness education assistant), Jennifer McNamee (assistant school readiness teacher), Dwayne Monson (grounds keeper), Rita Schroeder (summer part-time custodian) and Linda Szuszitzky (school psychologist).

“The independent contracts are a product of the negotiations team, the teachers union and the certified staff which recommend a 3 percent raise across the board,” Parks said.

After discussion by the board, clarifications were made to the independent contracts before a vote was held.

Those that choose to enroll in a health insurance plan will be offered the VEBA 80 plan offered only on the single plan for $1,200 paid by the district annually (prior to the meeting it was stated as only the VEBA plan, with a family option as well). Those enrolling will also have to sign a provision that allows contractual revisions if necessary under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

A motion to approve the contracts at the 3 percent increase was made by Justin Isaacson, seconded by Gary Stennes and approved unanimously.

Nick Longworth
A graduate from St. Cloud State University, Nick photographs and writes a variety of stories for nearly every section of The Park Rapids Enterprise. His duties also include section layouts and online content submission.
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