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Nevis School has good financial year, audit says

The Nevis School Board discussed issues of the district including the audit Monday, Nov. 25.

All members of the board were present except for Marvin Vredenburg.

Justin Burchill of the Certified Public Accounting firm Brady Martz and Associates was also in attendance. Burchill presented on the financial status of the district concluding, “It has been a good year. There have been a lot of projects going on, but everything is being taken care of.”

In other business, the school board:

  • Is still undecided what to do with their bleachers. In the past, they have been used at the Nevis Pig Races. However, recently the privilege has been prohibited for use by civil groups not sanctioned by the school. When not in use, the bleachers typically sit outside abandoned. However, several school board members feel that there is a liability in letting civic groups use them and they are “bought with taxpayer dollars and are meant to be used for education.” No official decision was made on the matter and it will be discussed again at the December meeting. 
  • Approved the hiring of Rusty Uscola, Olaf Netteberg, Andrew Dahlby and Mark Hamborg as robotics advisors for the robotics program. The four teachers will have the salary of two paid positions divided. As the head, Uscola will receive 40 percent while the remaining three will receive 20 percent each. The school board unanimously approved the decision. 
  • Discussed pleasure with the turnout and overall participation of the recently held “McTeacher” night at the Park Rapids McDonald’s. The event raised $891 for the district and will be split equally among the elementary and high schools. A ceremonious check will be presented to the district in honor of their achievement. 
  • Currently has 573 students enrolled in the district, up 12 students from last month’s report. Nevis has only capped enrollment in Kindergarten and 1st grade although they are nearing capacity in others as well.
  • Have handed out all the iPads to pre-Kindergarten through 7th grade classes. Most students are paying for the insurance; students are not allowed to bring them home if they do not. Only one has been damaged so far and there have only been three cases of inappropriate pictures being downloaded. 
  • Suspended the mailing of the district newsletter to every household. The letter will still be posted online for anyone to see. However, if parents still want a paper newsletter, they will now need to request one directly from the district. 
  • Is fielding ideas on how to increase elderly involvement in the school district – especially those who do not currently have family enrolled in the school.
  • Is considering equipping the activity bus with Wi-Fi; the district is currently looking into providers. They estimate it will cost around $700 to install and another $80 a month to maintain. 
  • Heard from student council representatives. The student body recently completed a successful blood drive in which 40 percent of students donated blood. The “Snow Dayz” event will be scheduled for the end of February. On behalf of the entire student body, they thanked the board for their support of successful volleyball and football seasons.
Nick Longworth
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