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Nevis Board gives teachers raises of 2, 3 percent


The Nevis School District has reached a contract agreement with the teachers for 2013-15, calling for 2 percent salary increases the first and second year and a 3 percent increase added to the longevity scale.

The extracurricular salary schedule, which was frozen for several years, will see a 5 percent increase across the board in 2013-14. In the second year, the first three steps will see a 3 percent increase, steps four and five a 6 percent increase, superintendent Steve Rassier told the school board this week.

“Negotiations went well,” Rassier said. “This is one of the earliest settlements.”

“I think we are awful generous,” board member Marv Vredenburg commented.

Employees with independent contracts with the district will receive a 3 percent increase.

In other action, the board:

n Approved the preliminary 2014 property tax levy of $852,039, an increase of $1,481 from 2013.

But Rassier explained after the bond sale, the district is seeing $58,000 in excess funds which the district’s financial advisors recommend be used to reduce taxes over the next three years.

The final levy, to be approved in December, will likely be lower due to the bond sale.

A truth in taxation hearing will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 16 in the media center.

n Reviewed recent Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment scores as well as ACT test results.

More the 72 percent of Nevis’ 40 graduates took the ACT test, scoring lower than state averages, but higher than national results.

On a scale of 1 to 36, Nevis scored 20.8 in English, on average, compared with the state’s 22.2 and national 20.2.

The Nevis ACT math score was 22.6, compared with 23.1 state and 20.9 national.

Nevis ACT reading score was 21.5, compared with Minnesota’s average of 23.1 and the national 21.1.

Nevis science score was 21, the state’s was 22.9 and national 20.7.

The Nevis composite ACT score was 21.6, compared with 23 and 20.9, respectively.

n Took no action on a request to borrow the portable bleachers during city celebrations, specifically the pig races in July.

Rassier indicated district equipment “should remain in the building,” suggesting items purchased for educational use should be used for such.

He suggested the bleachers could be sold to the C&C and leased back to the school for football games.

n Reported a “packed house” arrived for the recent parent meeting to discuss implementation of electronic devices in the school.

Parents expressed no complaints regarding the deposits required for the iPad and tablet use, Rassier reported.

n Took no action on quotes for mercury removal in the original gym floor, which are coming in higher than expected.

Additional quotes will be sought.