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Financial service centers merge

Gina Rypkema and Gregg Bervig have merged financial advisory practices. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

A new sign - Ameriprise Financial - will soon emerge on the corner of Highway 34 and Henrietta Avenue, announcing the merger of Investment Service Center and Ameriprise Financial.

It all began in the dead of winter (January) over lunch (where ideas blossom and ferment). Gregg and Terese Bervig met with Gina Rypkema, a certified financial planner, "to begin a process of figuring out how they could make their practices even better."

Gregg Bervig, who's been in the financial service industry in Park Rapids since 1981 and in the Northwoods Bank building since 1990, and Terese were "looking for ways to assure their client base will be taken care of into the future."

Retirement is not in their immediate future, he stressed. "But we needed a succession plan. It's critical to our beliefs in helping clients."

In June, the Bervigs decided to affiliate with Ameriprise Financial, "a brand of national reputation and recognition."

The move allows Gregg Bervig and Rypkema to be independent advisors.

"And the firm is stronger with Gina on board," Gregg Bervig said.

"We have good synergy," Rypkema agreed.

"We complement each other," he said. "The name may have changed, but our values have not."

Rypkema has been with Ameriprise Financial for 12 years, working from an office on North Main since 2006 and in Bemidji. She and her husband their three children moved to Nevis this summer.

The brokerage firm offers full service financial planning. "Our reputation is built on retirement income distribution strategies," Bervig said.

As for predictions for the coming year, the advisors agree, "the outlook is good for 2013."

Their opinion is based on statistical information. "With the increased production in gas - natural gas - factories and corporations are expanding because the cost of energy in manufacture is going down," Bervig said.

"Energy is a major expense in manufacturing and production," he pointed out.

"Factories and companies are physically returning to the U.S. And that should amount to more jobs in the near future," he predicts.

"The outlook is good."

Meanwhile, the familiar faces will remain.

Ameriprise Financial is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment. They may be reached at 732-8861.