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Krautkremer is media mastermind

Jamie Krautkremer offers a full range of Web development, graphic design and animation services via Pravus Media. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

Jamie Krautkremer sees the Web as a "great tool," a medium for communication, advertising and entertainment.

And he's the "evil" one wielding the tool.

Krautkremer has initiated Pravus Media, the title stemming from the 2000 Park Rapids graduate's nickname, Evil Smiley.

"Evil Media wouldn't be politically correct," he determined. So he decided on the Latin word, Pravus.

Krautkremer's interest in computer animation was stirred at 13 when his mom, Lynn Graham, was taking graphic arts classes at Bemidji State University. "I wanted to animate Jurassic Park, to make them do something else," he recalled of the dinosaurs' antics.

A few years later, the self-taught computer guru's animation project filled a school computer's hard drive. Instructor Al Judson viewed it for a minute and informed him, "You've got an A."

His career began by assisting a friend in California develop an online store and setting up wife Holly's Web scrapbooking classes.

Now he's gaining an international reputation for his digital prowess.

A German company, KTX software, contacted him last summer about his dinosaur-based game, "Jurassic Rage," which is designed to run off an original. KTX asked him to bring a modification to their game.

But a contract with Lukewarm Media precluded this.

When Krautkremer explained the conflict to KTX, they posed a question. "What do you think of ours (animation)?"

His diplomatic, "less than good" response led to a contract to engineer the animation for "The Haunted Hells Reach," which was released worldwide in late October.

Krautkremer snapped a photo of himself buying it at the Park Rapids Walmart.

"Mom, look at this!" he overheard a child tell his mother in the store. "This is awesome!" Krautkremer explained the game is meant for an older audience, 17-plus, but was delighted with the child's reaction.

The game, he said, "is basically you and up to three friends running around killing demons."

The Germans, he said, have been a fun team to work with. "It was a great project," with more in store. The game is soon to be coming to Xbox Live PlayStation Network.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, Krautkremer is available for "any computer-related project," including Web design and development, computer graphics, 3-D modeling and animation and 2-D work - logos and textures - as well as videos, including commercials - and digital paintings.

He recently contracted with Appetizer Mobile out of New York to do graphics and animations for iPhones or androids. The company formed when Krautkremer agreed to create bobble heads of famous people two years ago.

"I hadn't done anything for a mobile before," he said. "It turned out to be big."

Krautkremer is currently seeking investors for a scrapbooking application, which he predicts, "will be a home run."

By day, he works at L&M Fleet and also runs a cleaning business with Holly.

"After that, I'm on the computer."

To visit his portfolio site, head to

He may be reached at 255-1980.