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McDonald's unveils 'arcade' design

McDonald's store manager Sarah Albrecht, center, wielded the giant scissors for the ribbon cutting, officially launching the new, modern restaurant makeover. City, school, hospital, Chamber and other officials arrived for the event Monday afternoon. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)1 / 2
Corey Klinefelter2 / 2

Beneath Park Rapids' golden arches is a restaurant with a "new, modern look," the redesign officially unveiled Monday with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The exterior upgrades include an identifiable double-lane drive through with LCD screens to view menu choices - that have increased in number.

Inside, consumers of the Big Mac will find a remodeled "arcade" ambience, as opposed to McDonald's former mansard style.

Upgrades include additional seating, with community table areas, new bathrooms and a refinished kitchen, including a new freezer, cooler and dry storage area.

Owners-operators are Corey Klinefelter of Bemidji, who arrived for Monday's ceremony, and Charles and Bonnie Klinefelter. They own 10 McDonald's franchises.

The project focused on energy efficiency and going green, Corey Klinefelter said. "We looked at the project as being environmentally friendly," he said, as well as consumer friendly.

The eatery has added more self-service beverage areas and free Wi-Fi.

Park Rapids' downtown rejuvenation projects spurred the decision to "put a new face" on the exterior, Klinefelter said.

The $650,000 project valuation is one of the most significant commercial remodeling projects seen in recent years, according to Park Rapids city planner Dan Walker.