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Game Over preserves trophies, memories

Bryce Bellomo provides "quality artistic preservation of your prized piece of natural history." His studio, located at 110 Bunyan Trails Drive and Highway 34 in Nevis, holds proof of the promise. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

Nevis taxidermist Bryce Bellomo welcomes visitors to drop by his Game Over studio just off Highway 34 to view his work.

"Photos do not do justice to taxidermy work," said the artist who has gained a keen knowledge of the anatomy and subtle characteristics of the fish and game.

"For the good or bad, it is highly recommended that taxidermy work (ours and our competitions') be viewed in person," he advises.

Bellomo's passion for the "preservation of natural history" is reflected in his product. He attended Pine Technical College, where he received a degree in the skill of taxidermy. But he sees that as a starting point.

When the avid outdoorsman heads out with a fishing pole or rifle, he's also armed with a camera.

"I look at every mount as a signature piece," Bellomo said.

"I strive for realism," he said, which may entail rebuilding muscles to "restore it to the original anatomy."

Bellomo, who's been drawing critters since he was a child, began taxidermy work in 2002 during his schooling in Pine City. From there, he honed his skills at his studio (formerly Belle Taine Taxidermy) and worked with several noted professionals.

"As in most industries, innovations and progress continue to change the taxidermy world," he said. "Through live seminars, forums, friends in the industry and other means, it has been and always will be a goal of Game Over Taxidermy to stay at the top of the latest innovations in the world of taxidermy.

"I take this seriously," he said.

Approximate turnaround times are two to six months for fish, six to 10 months for mammals.

"Rush service" is available as is freeze drying and wholesale fish taxidermy.

Business hours are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays or contact Bellomo at 252-3492 to arrange a drop-off during non-business hours. His website is

"Everyone leaves happy," he said. "And I plan to keep it that way."