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Rossmans purchase Dorset Corner Liquors

Craig and Missy Rossman have expanded their business ventures, purchasing Dorset Corner Liquors. They plan to continue to offer "competitive prices and friendly service."

Craig and Missy Rossman have added spirits to their roles as "distributors."

With a goal of business diversification, the owners of Rossman Distributing and the Park Rapids BP station have purchased Dorset Corner Liquor.

The Rossman family has been in the petroleum industry in the Park Rapids area for 40 years, Craig 21 of those years.

Changes in the petroleum industry sparked the decision to begin a new chapter in the family business, Craig explained. "The world has changed; the business has changed. We decided to try something new."

The Rossmans purchased the 10-year-old business on the corner of Highways 34 and 226 from Dale and Cheri Macklanburg.

"I don't see prohibition coming in the near future," Craig joked of the decision. "This is a business that hasn't changed."

He admits to having rarely sipped a glass of wine until this new venture. "I had a lot to learn," he said of the burgeoning industry. "I've decided I like red," he confides, "not white.

"And it's good for you."

Dorset Corner Liquors is also home to a "great selection" of craft and specialty beers.

They will accept special orders of all types of liquor.

The store employs 10. Molly Laney will remain as full-time manager.

The Itasca-Mantrap discount for wine will continue as will Tuesday's senior citizen discount. Wine tasting will be offered Friday and Saturday during the holidays and in the summer. "We won't fix what's not broken," Craig said of established policies.

That includes offering "competitive prices and friendly service."

"It's fun and it's different," said Missy.

One or both of the Rossmans plan to be on site on a full-time basis.

Fall hours are 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.