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Online auction service opens in Park Rapids

Ryan Leckner's shop off Henrietta Avenue now offers an alternative to traditional, land-based public auctions via K-Bid. Bidders go to the Internet site to bid on items. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

Have a camper or an RV in need of a new owner?

A truck or car - collector or simply used -calling for someone else behind the wheel?

Is an estate or moving sale on the horizon?

A boat, dock, ATV, firearm, office or construction equipment ready for trade-in? Or is some real estate about to go on the conventional market?

Check out We Sell Your Stuff, Inc., an online consignment auction service based in Park Rapids that's an independent affiliate of

The new enterprise is based at Ryan Leckner's Detail Shop, off Henrietta Avenue South.

Sellers may bring items to the shop or Leckner offers pickup. He has an indoor storage facility, as well as room for display outdoors.

Leckner acts as the facilitator in real estate sales.

Photos are taken and information is uploaded to K-Bid for real-time auctioning over a 10-day period. A minimum, reserve price can be set that is not disclosed to the consumer.

"It's another means to sell," he said, noting auctions tend to result in higher prices. "People are in a competitive spirit."

Processing fee is $35 for listing with a percentage charged on a sold item based on its price. The sale of $1,001 to $10,000 item, for example, results in a 10 percent commission fee.

Each sale is reviewed on an individual basis and proposals made.

The business officially opened two weeks ago. "It's going great," Leckner said of the response, from buyers and sellers.

Items sold to date have included a pick-up truck, a Ranger 4X4, trolling motor and ice auger. Collector cars and other vehicles, a boat and two boat motors are currently on the site, ready for buyer scrutiny.

Every sale has scheduled inspection days prior to the close of bidding when buyer prospects can make a personal examination of the items.

Leckner sees his business site next to the transfer station as a bonus, reminding people, "Your garbage may be someone else's treasure."

Store hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

More information can be obtained by e-mailing we