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Masseuse Merritt joins Brigid's House

Judy Merritt offers Imani oil massage, Reiki and integrative massage at Brigid's House, 500 Park Ave. South. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

Judy Merritt is now lending a hand - hands, that is - to the healing of body, mind and spirit via massage at Brigid's House.

Merritt, who began the study of massage in 1982 in Massachusetts, offers Imani essential oil massage, integrative massage and Reiki, a healing practice that promotes a balance through a painless, non-invasive practice.

The client makes the choices, she said.

The Imani procedure, using oils produced by Brian and Stacy Skinness of Terrapin Station in Nevis, is a two-fold process, with the client determining the point of emphasis.

Or the client may select the Reiki session, which balances the body system, addressing pain, insomnia, depression and other medical conditions. A healthy person also benefits by relaxing at all levels.

The procedure, Merritt explained, is attuned to healing via the energy of the universe. It refreshes and comforts, the heart rate slowing and breathing becoming easier.

A third option is to choose a combination of integrative massage and Reiki techniques during the first half of the session.

The second half involves massaging the oils along the spine to stimulate energy impulses via the central nervous system. The process brings the body into structural/electrical balance, enabling the release of toxins, tapping the client's own healing ability.

"Aside from the healing benefits of Imani Oil massage, being anointed with oils is simply a wonderful way to feel nurtured in a loving, aromatic essence of nature," said Merritt.

Imani Oils are wild crafted and organically cultivated for therapeutic use. The oils provide natural remedies that often effect a more harmonious and lasting cure by assisting the body to heal itself, she explained.

Merritt, an independent contractor at Brigid's House, is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

She is also in the process of penning another novel, "Dakota Crossing." The final manuscript, nearing completion, is earning kudos from publishers and literary guilds alike.

"I've come full circle," she said of melding her writing and massage. "I'm coming into my own."