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Ekren unleashes 'healing power of the mind' via hypnotherapy

Cynthia Ekren welcomes clientele Wednesdays at Brigid's House or at her home. (Jean Ruzicka / Enterprise)

Certified hypnotherapist Cynthia Ekren maintains "whatever you do in life can be enhanced by hypnosis."

Ekren, who recently completed her master's in transpersonal studies at Atlantic University, explains hypnotherapy can unleash the subconscious mind to effect positive change, without conscious effort.

Hypnosis, an altered state of consciousness, is something everyone goes through twice a day, crossing into sleep and awakening.

Hypnosis is a matter of setting aside the conscious mind and narrowing down to one issue, just as you do when going to sleep, she said.

"Every problem has a cause," she explains. "When you eliminate the cause from the computer we call the subconscious mind, the problem disappears."

Hypnotherapy can be introduced in different forms, she explained.

Suggestive hypnotherapy can be applied for those who are attempting to quit smoking or lose weight, for example.

"It's client centered. We determine the history, what triggers the motivation to change, then enter into hypnosis," she said. The subconscious is asked to accept this change.

If suggestive therapy proves ineffective, the next step is regression therapy, she said, where clients go back to see the origin. "This doesn't cure, but gives people the ability to make a choice."

Phobias, such as fear of flying, water or enclosed spaces, are frequently corrected in two or three sessions.

"We simply locate the cause, change the person's perception of the events and the fear usually disappears."

The "dawning realization" that a past event has triggered the phobia generally dissipates fear.

Hypnosis has also proven effective in controlling chronic pain, helping cancer patients and those suffering with arthritis.

Past life therapy, another option, sends a client into a past life experience, she explained. This may be a journey to determine the origin of the inability to quit smoking, for example. Or it may serve as an introspective soul search to uncover a life's purpose.

"When you know why you're here, it gives you a better way to make choices, while heightening self-esteem.

"It shows us our own inter-divinity, the god piece in all of us."

Hypnotherapy has proven to be effective for individuals suffering post-traumatic stress or those diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It can assuage anxiety and depression.

Medical professionals understand physical cures, she said, but appreciate problems also stem from the mind.

"The mind is the builder. So the mind goes, the body goes," Ekren said, quoting noted psychic Edgar Cayce.

"Thought becomes action, action becomes habit, habit becomes character and character becomes destiny."

Ekren, who is also certified in integrated imagery therapy, is taking Wednesday appointments at Brigid's House on Highway 71 South and at her home. She will soon be serving clients one day a week in Bemidji at Wild Rose Theater.