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St. Joseph's earns fourth Patient Safety Excellence Award

The Minnesota Hospital Association has presented another Patient Safety Excellence Award to St. Joseph's Area Health Services for "the extra effort made to ensure quality patient care."

St. Joseph's has earned the reputation of taking an ambitious role in implementing best standard practices and embracing safety initiatives.

Recently, St. Joseph's learned it received its fourth Patient Safety Excellence Award for it outstanding performance in the "Safe Count" initiative.

This recognition was received for St. Joseph's efforts in implementing national and state best practices in obstetrics that aim for the prevention of unintentional retained foreign objects after a patient gives birth.

Other top honors received by St. Joseph's include efforts in:

-The "Safe from Falls" campaign, a program statistically proven to help prevent accidental falls or injuries. It means patients are continuously evaluated when they are admitted to the hospital and on a daily basis since patient conditions are sensitive to change.

-The "Safe Site" campaign, a program that works to prevent adverse surgical events by implementing a list of recommended preventative actions.

-The "Safe Skin" campaign, a program which gives staff a set of standard practices that help prevent pressure ulcers.

St. Joseph's Ben Koppelman, president/CEO, views the additional honor as further confirmation that quality patient care is a top priority for physicians and staff at St. Joseph's.

"Our physicians and staff as a whole embrace quality," he says. "There is a strong sense of teamwork at St. Joseph's and an ongoing commitment to high quality care."