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Berm trees: City plants them, residents care for them

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As ParkRapids celebrates its 27th year as a Tree City USA, its city forester is asking for the public’s help.

“I can’t water every tree in town,” said Steph Paulson. “Boulevard trees are the responsibility of the homeowners.”

If the trees are young, they need special attention, Paulson said, especially moisture. Trees with enough water have fewer insect problems and are less prone to damage issues.

A five gallon bucket of water per tree per week is all that’s required. Paulson urges residents not to dump the water on the tree, but pour it gently over the ground.

Berm trees are planted by the city but are the property owner's responsibility to care for. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise) White plastic tree protectors can be removed in summer, and replaced in the fall. That lets tree trunks breathe and ensures that no bugs lay eggs underneath the covers.

Sarah Smith

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