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Man charged with second degree murder in DL case

  By Pippi Mayfield / DL - Online - The Becker County Attorney’s Office has charged David Lee Stensrud was second degree murder.

  Becker County Attorney Mike Fritz released a statement Friday afternoon stating the Stensrud, 58, is being charged with the murder of Geraldine Kading after she was found dead April 10 with an arrow to the chest.

  The complaint alleges that on April 10,BeckerCountydispatch received a report of potential murder and suicide.

  The female caller stated that Stensrud told her that he had just shot his female friend and was planning on killing himself.

  Law enforcement responded to the call, entered the apartment at918½ Washington Ave., apartment 1, and found the non-responsive woman and an arrow protruding from her chest.

  The officers also found Stensrud lying on the floor of a bedroom with an arrow protruding from his chest. There was a crossbow lying on the bed next to him.

  Kading was pronounced dead at the scene, and the man was taken to Essentia Health St. Mary’s via ambulance.