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Man gets 20 years in drunken stabbing death near Longville

Cass County Attorney Christopher Strandlie reports that on April 4, 2013, Frank Jesse

LaRose, age 25, was sentenced for the offense of 2nd Degree Murder. LaRose was

ordered to serve 20 years in prison. The sentence is consistent with the Minnesota

Sentencing Guidelines.

LaRose had previously pled guilty to stabbing James Raymond Elmberg, age 31, of

rural Walker, in the early morning hours of February 5, 2012. At the time of his plea,

LaRose stated that he and Elmberg as well as other friends had been drinking together,

at LaRose’s home, near Longville. During the course of the night LaRose and another

individual began to argue and Elmberg intervened. LaRose stated that he perceived that

Elmberg was lunging at him and struck him in the chest with a knife. LaRose stated that

he did not intend to kill Elmberg.