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UPDATED: Enterprise debuts new website Thursday; glitches will continue through then

The Enterprise will debut a new website sometime Thursday. The day was moved back due to difficulties encountered in data migration.

It will look much like the Bemidji Pioneer's current site.

In the meantime, the process of migrating data to the new system is causing numerous glitches on our current site, as we've heard from dozens of readers. Please stop calling. We are aware of it.

The glitches are affecting the "most read" area of the site. Old stories are popping up, even though they should be in a paid archive.

As more and more people click on them out of curiosity, the problem compounds as they rise up the "most read' category.

We will no longer remove old stories as we have in the past. Once removed from the archive, they are gone forever.

Please read the PUBLISH DATE of all stories you click on. It's at the top of each story. If it's a 2009 story, we probably already know about it and will not be removing it, even if it's a court story.

Those are important pieces of our history, our archives. If you see a school closing story, again, please check the date of publication before you call the paper or the school.

We apologize for the glitches. But they are beyond our control.

The new website's design is for smart phones to access our site more easily.

Once we all adapt to the change, we will like the new format.

But in the meantime. we ask for a couple more days of patience.