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Moorhead stripper license system passes unanimously

MOORHEAD - Strippers, escorts and exotic dancers here are now required to go through background checks and be licensed by the city.

The City Council voted unanimously 6-0 on Monday to approve the new city ordinance, which was first recommended by Police Chief David Ebinger. Councilmen Luther Stueland and Mike Hulett were absent.

Adult entertainers, and the businesses that provide such services, must now pay a $250 licensing fee and be background-checked by Moorhead police. Operating without a license would be a misdemeanor-level offense.

The city could deny an applicant if he or she has been convicted of a crime involving violence, drugs or prostitution in the past 10 years.

Ebinger said licensing the adult industry will help curb the prostitution and child trafficking that can sometimes come along with it. He said Fargo is expected to discuss a similar ordinance soon.