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Man pulled off railroad tracks Wednesday says he's not suicidal, can't remember incident

MOORHEAD - Good Samaritans here pulled a man off railroad tracks Wednesday night before he was hit by an oncoming train.

It was about 11:30 p.m. when a woman saw the man lying on the railroad tracks, apparently in a mental health crisis, said Lt. Tory Jacobsen of the Moorhead Police Department.

The woman, identified by WDAY as licensed counselor Colette Kuznia, couldn't get the man off the tracks herself, and called for the help of strangers, Jacobsen said.

They pulled the man out of the way of an eastbound train. When police arrived on the scene, three men were holding the man on the ground, away from the train tracks. He was physically fighting them to let him go.

The man was eventually sent to local hospital for mental health treatment, Jacobsen said.

On Friday, the man reached out to WDAY, calling from Sanford's psych unit.

WDAY reports that the man's name is Mark, and he says he's not suicidal.

Mark told WDAY that he doesn't remember anything between when he felt light-headed after leaving the library until he woke up at Sanford. He was surprised to hear about the incident and said the fighting doesn't match his personality, WDAY reports. Kuznia told WDAY she believes Mark could have a medical condition that possibly led to a psychotic break, and she believed Mark when he said he wasn't suicidal.

Mark wants to get in contact with the people who saved his life, WDAY reports.

Moorhead police also want those involved to step forward so they can be recognized for their life-saving efforts, said Sgt. Thad Stafford.