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Nevis reorganizes council; needs more fire hall space

Newly-elected Nevis city officials took the oath of office Monday, Paul Schroeder resuming his role as mayor, Heidi Schmeichel returning to the council seat and Tom Frank joining the ranks.

The council agreed to begin meeting at 6 p.m. on the second Monday of the month, as opposed to 7 p.m.

Appointments include Schroeder as commissioner of the fire department and police department; Schmeichel will oversee liquor store operations; John Plumley streets, sewer and water; Frank will supervise parks and cemetery and Tom Haag is administration commissioner.

Schmeichel will serve as assistant mayor in 2013. John Masog was designated city attorney. Frank is liaison to the Planning commission.

In other action, the council:

n Approved Nevis School's request to install a bus radio antennae on the city water tower.

Investigation into the matter revealed the tower is on Department of Natural Resources property. The DNR recommended a cooperative agreement between the city and school at no charge.

"I think this is the right thing to do," Schroeder said. "We plow the senior center," he pointed out. "This will help kids be safe."

n Tabled action on the Nevis Trailblazers' request to share the cost ($50 per month) of an IP (Internet protocol) camera on the trails, providing a live stream to the website.

Bill Bennett, Trailblazers president, said the club would offer the camera to the city during summer months to film the triathlon and other events.

Schroeder will take the proposal to the C&C to determine interest.

n Reported liquor store earnings of $53,159 in 2012, down from the $61,683 in 2011. The liquor store earnings in 2010 were $30,075.

n Learned use of the skating rink may be over for the season, due to the recent thaw and refreezing.

"I will try to save it, but there's too much salt due to runoff," maintenance supervisor Don Umthun said. "We may have to lock it up."

n Learned of the need for more fire hall space.

"We're running out of room," fire chief Kerry Swenson told the council "We need to put serious thought into getting more in the next two to three years."

He indicated he was soliciting ideas on this.

n Approved the addition of street light on the east end of Main.

n Reported some residents may be asked to keep water running as temperatures drop to avoid a freeze in the lines.