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75 years ago

Marriage licenses were granted to 102 in 1937, a front page story informed readers.

"June, the month of brides, lived up to tradition in 1937 when 16 licenses were issued.

"August and December were close seconds with 11 licenses each issued."


County Nurse Germaine Emerson presented an informal talk to women at the farmers club meeting, offering to assist women in their study of "maternal and child care."


Greta Garbo and Charles Boyer were featured in "Conquest," playing at Park Theatre.


"Fish houses may be used for rough fish," a headline informed readers.

"With all inland Minnesota lakes and streams closed to taking game fish, there is still opportunity for winter fishermen to exercise their piscatorial ambitions on 11 kinds of rough fish," the story reported.

The fish that could be taken all winter by spearing were carp, dogfish, redhorse, sheepshead, catfish, suckers, eelpout, garfish and bullheads of any size, and whitefish not less than 15 inches in length.

Fish houses were to be used for spearing only and could not be used for angling in order to give full protection to the female game fish.


Typewriters were offered for sale or rent by the Enterprise.


"Constipated?" an advertisement queried.

"For 30 years I had constipation, awful gas, bloating, headaches and back pains. Adlerika helped right away. Now I eat sausage, bananas, pie, anything I want. Never felt better."

The testimonial was signed Mrs. Mabel Schott.

The elixir was available at Peterson's Drug Store.

50 years ago

Hubbard County Civil Defense Director Frank Town posted the official signs designating public fallout shelters in Park Rapids with a capacity to hold 100 or more people.

Signs appeared on the Park Rapids Central School, Parkway Motor Company building, the U.S. Post Office and St. Joseph's Hospital.


The district court reported 78 marriages took place in Hubbard County in 1962 and there were 349 recorded births.

In 1962, 176 residents died in the county, compared with 152 in 1961.


The Hubbard County assessor reported 22 percent of taxable property in the county "is seasonal in nature; that it is used only a few months out of each year."

Twenty percent was farm, 21 percent residential 16 percent commercial, with the balance owned by public utilities and other entities.


State payroll now at annual total of $117 million, a headline informed readers.

Salary checks to Minnesota state employees indicate personnel in the state and University of Minnesota "is costing taxpayers nearly $117 million a year." The state payroll carried a total of 35,700 employees.

25 years ago

The Park Rapids City Council "fired" five members of the Planning Commission in a meeting called to "iron things out," between the two governmental bodies.

The Planning Commission had earlier expressed concern over the lack of enforcement of the city's zoning ordinance.

Members of the Planning Commission received notice of a meeting scheduled for 4 p.m., but the council met at 3 p.m.

The council made several motions, "including one to abolish the present Planning Commission effective at 5 p.m."

Members were invited to reapply.


The Becida Tavern was destroyed by fire. The sheriff's office received a call reporting the fire at 3:33 a.m., the Enterprise reported.

"Since the tavern is in an unprotected fire area, no fire department was willing to respond to the call."

Thirty to 40 people reportedly gathered to help the owners save their home next to the tavern by throwing snow on it.