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Beware of new phone scams

Every time the public thinks they can smell a scam, the scammers get more creative.

But chalk another one up for the little guy.

Marion Feil was recently besieged by calls from "Publishers Clearing House."

The Park Rapids woman figured since she was on the "do not call" list, it was legit.

The second call said she'd won $5 million. She was a bit skeptical.

"They were calling to get my check," she said. "There was a small processing fee."

Unknown to her caller, she'd just had a call the previous day saying she'd won $175,000 and wondered why the prize had risen - or her fortunes had.

Probably too good to be true.

Both calls were blocked from her caller ID, but she questioned the foreign accent calling for a very American sweepstakes.

But both callers were different people, she said. And both were highly professional identifying themselves and where they were calling from.

She couldn't verify either call.

But when the prize rose dramatically to the $5 million level overnight, the exasperated woman said, "Yeah, I had a call yesterday with your same scam."

The caller uttered, "Damn!" and hung up.

Publisher's Clearing House arrives with a big van, flowers and a big check.

They probably don't swear over the phone either.

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is the outdoors editor. She covers courts, business and breaking news in addition to outdoors events.

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