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Jingle Bells prizes up for grabs as deadline approaches

Jingle Bells ticket winners arriving to claim $500 in prizes Thursday were congratulated by Chamber director Katie Magozzi, left, and Chamber president Bob Seifert, right. Winners, from left are Tarah Ziesmer, Chris Lafountain and Jamey Haataja, with Adam Seimon and daughter Jaylyn Seimon. Ziesmer plans to "pay bills" with her winnings. Lafountain, a college student, will use his funds for gas money. And Haataja and Seimon will use the money as a down payment for their soon-to-be-completed Habitat for Hu...

The clock is ticking (jingling in this case).

Check those tickets!

The number one $5,000 Jingle Bells ticket holder has not yet come forward to claim the prize, nor have four of those holding the first tickets drawn for the $500 prizes, as of Friday morning, Dec. 28.

Friday, Jan. 4 at 12:01 p.m. all remaining Jingle Bells prizes will be awarded, unless the number one ticket holder - or a subordinate in some cases - comes forward.

Each prize has a ticket holder who's registered. But for the 10th $500 prize, for example, it's the person holding the sixth ticket drawn.

The $5,000 winning Jingle Bells number is 3756484. The person holding the second number drawn for the prize has registered and will claim it Friday, unless first place arrives at the Chamber.

Ticket holders for two, three, six, seven, nine and 11 have stepped forward.

Tickets four - 6909301 - and five - 8344150 - both have second winning number ticket holders hoping to claim the loot.

Ticket eight has the second holder waiting in the wings; first number is 8440712.

And the 10th ticket - 8660471 - has the sixth ticket holder counting the days 'til deadline. Second number drawn for the prize was 8614352, third is 8486972.

For a complete list of the winning Jingle Bells numbers go to or