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75 years ago

"Hand signals in winter needed for road safety," the Enterprise advised readers.

"Because car windows are usually kept closed in cold weather, a high percentage of drivers abandon the use of hand signals. But the effort of rolling down a window and giving the proper signal may save a life or prevent a costly and painful accident," a highway department engineer cautioned.

"Because of road conditions, driving signals are even more vital as a safety measure in the winter than other seasons.

"And the work of opening a window, plus the discomfort of a little cold air in the car, certainly is a low price for preventing a broken neck or ruined car, which otherwise might result from one's failure to let the traffic behind know your driving intentions," the engineer stated.


Due to a new ruling by the Postoffice Department to discontinue delivery of parcels Christmas Day, residents were urged to mail gifts early, Dec. 21 recommended.


A New York inventor was applauded for what was soon to appear on the market, an air-conditioned bed.

A patent had just been granted for a pipe arrangement fitted in a bed.

"Conditioned air - cool and fresh - flows out over the sleeper from holes in the pipe."


Akeley village officers were elected - mayor, councilman, recorder and assessor - with 10 candidates tying for justice of the peace, each with one vote.

A Civilian Conservation Corps deer population count in Itasca State Park resulted in 2,622 tallied.

50 years ago

The Park Rapids Lions Club was inviting residents to select and cut a tree for $1.75. The tree cutting was to be seven miles west on Highway 34, two miles north and a quarter mile west.

"Bring your own saw and rope."


Tires were selling for $10.95 each.


Residents were urged to "Defend freedom; buy U.S. savings bonds."


Volunteers were being recruited to conduct a "Gold Bond Group Project," collecting stamps for acquisition of a movie projector for the Sunset Nursing Home.


Minnesota hunters were urged to "take advantage of the unseasonably mild weather to harvest the state's surplus squirrel, rabbit and raccoon populations."

Rabbits were "fair game" until March 1. Shooting hours were from sunrise to sunset, with limits of 10 daily and 20 in possession for each of the three species - cottontail, jack and snowshoe.


A Poland China boar was reported lost.

25 years ago

Park Rapids sewer bills were soon to go up $7.50 per month or $22.50 a quarter to finance the city's new wastewater treatment system.


The county's northern solid waste transfer station and demolition landfill was expected to soon be operational.


The Bad Medicine Lakeshore Association was about to publish a book on the history and stories of the area, "A Good Dose of Bad Medicine."