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Local man to fulfill 'lifetime dream' after winning lottery

Gary Holk plans to head to Alaska next fall for a moose hunt with his son.

Gary Holk will be heading to Alaska on a moose hunt with his son next fall, thanks to a lucky number.

The fulfillment of a "lifetime dream" comes via a $5 Holiday Winnings lottery ticket, the Park Rapids resident purchasing the ticket Friday, Nov. 30 at Orton's.

Holk was sitting at home when he scratched the ticket and was "flabbergasted" to see he'd won $100,000.

"I had to look at it several times," the semi-retired 63-year-old said, "to make sure I wasn't seeing something."

He headed to Orton's to show them and was on his way to Minnesota State Lottery headquarters in Roseville the following Monday.

He'd won $500 "two or three times" previous to this, so he is no stranger to the procedure, including the copious paperwork.

"I buy tickets quite often. It's a good investment. I'm ahead of the game," he remarked of the recent windfall, the net amount of $67,750 now in the bank.

He's now checking into guides for the Alaskan adventure, his son Scott invited to accompany him.

"It will be a good experience for me and my boy together."