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Repeat DWI offender Bettcher back in jail after 40 days of freedom

Danny Bettcher

Just 40 days out of prison, repeat DWI offender, Danny Bettcher, is back behind bars. The New York Mills, Minn., man is being held at the Wadena County Jail for allegedly violating the terms of his release.

According to Sarah Berg of the Minnesota Department of Corrections, Bettcher was apprehended on Dec. 8 after he was allegedly seen in an establishment that serves alcohol, and was consuming alcohol, both violations of his parole.

Bettcher was released from prison on Oct. 29 after more than three years behind bars from previous alcohol-related offenses. The conditions of his release required him to stay sober.

Bettcher reportedly holds the state record for the person with the most DWIs, with 27.

A court hearing with the Minnesota Department of Corrections will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 18. At that time, a corrections officer will decide if there is enough evidence to support the allegations against Bettcher, as well as what, if any, further consequences he may face.