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Car runs over, injures New York Mills woman

A 77-year-old New York Mills woman suffered injuries to her right leg after she exited her moving vehicle and slipped underneath it.

The accident occurred outside of Farmer and Merchant's State Bank on Centennial Drive in NY Mills, on Tuesday, Dec. 4, shortly before noon.

According to the NY Mills Police, Glenda Kurtz was the lone occupant of the vehicle. She inadvertently put her car in reverse instead of park, and while the car was moving backward down the road, she opened her door and attempted to step out of the car.

Kurtz was immediately knocked to the ground by the driver's side door, and her leg went under the car. The left front wheel ran over Kurtz's right leg.

The vehicle continued backwards down the street for approximately 100 feet until it crashed into an unoccupied pickup truck parked outside the NY Mills Fire Hall.

The NY Mills Fire Department, NY Mills Police, and Tri County Ambulance responded. Kurtz was transported to Tri County Hospital.

In addition to injuries to her leg, Kurtz also sustained injuries from being struck by the door.