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Step back in time

Turning back the pages of time

75 years ago

Princess Elizabeth dolls appeared to be the rage, a front page headline declaring the dolls to be "What the well dressed Christmas tree will wear." A photo showed a young girl holding a doll in royal regalia, including a crown.

"This is the time of the year that children get that pushed-in pugilistic nose," the Enterprise observed. "But it's from pressing against toy store windows, not from fighting."

The British princess who would ascend to the throne was 11 at the time.


Two summer cottages on Lake Belle Taine with contents were advertised for sale at $675, the "Sale at a bargain, due to ill health."


Eyesight specialist Dr. A. J. Klimek was reported to soon be seeing patients at the new Park Hotel on the 10th of each month.

"See Dr. Klimek if you are troubled with your eyes, headaches, nervousness, cross eyes or any other defects."

"Don't sleep on left side, crowds heart," an ad that appeared as editorial content advised.

"If stomach gas prevents sleeping on right side, try Adlerika. One dose brings out poisons and relieves gas that seems to press the heart so you sleep soundly all night."

The wonder drug was available at Peterson's Drug.


In the "Public Forum" a resident shared a "winter fishing viewpoint."

"It seems that much of our lawmaking is ruled by propaganda," the unnamed writer stated. "We all know winter fishing isn't what is endangering our fish supply. Did you ever see a farmer get a fish and throw it away? Yet, that is just what happens to thousands of fish caught by so-called sports hunters in the summer.

"Perhaps we rural people don't deserve any of our natural resources. How many rural people have time to fish in the summertime?

"Those people who advocated closing the winter season did it because it would mean money in their pockets and decorated it with the word 'conservation.'

"Mr. Governor and representatives, how long do you think the people whom you represent will stand to be governed by propaganda rather than conditions as they exist?"

(Fishing had recently been closed on four Crow Wing lakes as a conservation measure.)

50 years ago

About 35 "under-privileged children" were to be guests of the Park Rapids Rotary Club at the annual Christmas party, the names of the kids to be supplied by the Hubbard County Welfare director.

The plan to entertain the children was a departure from previous years when members' children were guests.


Adult education classes of home economics and agriculture were to begin in January, with a possibility of adding commercial training, history, literature, art, industrial arts, science and bridge, "depending on the amount of interest shown."


A new ordinance adopted by the Park Rapids City Council allowed residents to run water to avoid "freeze-ups."

Permits were necessary, or residents would be charged at regular rates.


Four juvenile girls and a male from Pinewood, Minn. were sentenced for tipping 81 tombstones in the Hubbard and St. Peter's cemeteries Halloween night.


A "Know Your Village" building activity report stated 51 permits were issued in 1962 with a total value of $329,051 for 11 housekeeping units.

This compares with the previous year when 32 permits were issued with a total valuation of $1.5 million.


A study was to begin to determine if an addition to the courthouse was needed.

"Chronically crowded conditions" in the courthouse, particularly with respect to vault space, prompted commissioners to hire an architect.

25 years ago

A story on "the good, the bad and the ugly" on Christmas shelves revealed Pound Puppies were back for another Christmas giving season.

The Etch-a-Sketch still claimed a share of the market and Outlaw Scuzz and his Scuzz Bucket engaged kids' imaginations.


Ted Thielen was elected to the Minnesota Automobile Association's board of directors.