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Liquidated damages go into effect for Hubbard County 39 bridge project

Work on the bridge started too late to complete the project on time. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

Work on Hubbard County's 39 bridge is behind schedule and the contractor is paying $1,000 a day in liquidated damages.

A detour in the northern part of Hubbard County remains in place.

"They didn't get here soon enough to get started so now they're out of working days," county engineer David Olsonawski said of Duininck Brothers, Inc.

"We started the working days, whether they were here sooner or later, it's just taken them that much longer to work within the conditions of what they have to work with."

The $688,000 bridge over the Necktie River north of Laporte was supposed to have been completed in 65 working days. Those expired "last Tuesday or Wednesday," Olsonawski said.

The plan is to make the bridge drivable this fall and end the detour.

"They hope to get the second panel poured this week or next week and then put the rails on so they've got three more pours left," Olsonawski said of the progress.

"One approach is done and they're working on the other approach. But then the rails will be next week and probably by the latter part of the week."

Olsonawski hopes the bridge can re-open in a couple weeks.

"The spec book says we can't charge them after Nov. 15 but then we start up again in the spring, April 15," when the damages could resume, he said.

"If they don't open it they get charged for every day until they get it opened."

Liquidated damages are based on the amount of a project and listed in the "spec book" that governs each public works contract.

"We're trying to get it opened as soon as we can but it's all based on the contractor's performance," Olsonawski said.

A detour is in place taking Hubbard County Road 45 south to State Highway 200, then back west to Hubbard County 39.

Sarah Smith

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