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Hubbard County voters elect township representatives

Hubbard County's township residents headed to the polls to determine who will orchestrate the grassroots governmental bodies.

n Akeley Township elected George Lueck and Leroy Miller were elected as supervisors and Violet "Dolly" Poncelet was elected as treasurer

n In Arago Township, Michael Wilson will be a town supervisor and Patricia A. Stulich will be town clerk. Carol Smith was elected town treasurer.

n In Badoura Township, Theora Goodrich won a seat for supervisor, beating out Ted Roller. Tim Scouton also won a supervisor seat beating our Raymond Peterson. Maybelle Kriens was elected town treasurer.

n Clay Township elected Andy Kietzman as supervisor and Del Holz as town treasurer.

n Joan Bradach and Ladonne Edelman were elected as supervisors for Clover Township. Janet Scott was elected as town treasurer.

n In Farden Township, Tim Humphrey was elected supervisor and Laurel Schummer was elected town clerk.

n Russell Nickerson and Roger Corson were elected supervisors in Guthrie Township.

n Helga Township had two questions on the ballot.

The first asked voters if the appointment of the clerk be made by the town board instead of an elected position. Voters said yes with 402 yes votes and 319 no votes.

The second question asked voters whether a new town hall should be built. Voters narrowly said no, with 400 no votes and 398 yes votes.

In a special election for town supervisor for Seat B, Robert Kleinschmidt won, beating Joanna Olson-Hammer and Olivia J. Hoff.

For Seat C, Jeffrey P. Schussman beat James Lyle. Donald Clay won Seat D, beating Mike Sherwood. For Seat E, Dale Berglund beat Steve Pemble. Jeanie Porter was elected town treasurer, beating Marilyn K. Pemble.

n In Hendrickson Township, David Bessler and John Casson were elected supervisors. Deborah Marsh was elected treasurer.

n David J. DeLaHunt was elected supervisor in Henrietta Township. Tina Melott was elected treasurer.

n In Hubbard Township, Jerry Brosdahl was elected supervisor and Jeri Johanning was elected treasurer.

n William Devine was elected supervisor in Lake Alice Township, beating Wesley Edelman. Angela Airhart was elected town clerk.

n Tony Platz and Irene L. Weis were elected supervisors in Lake Emma Township and Lynne Erickson was elected town clerk.

n In Lake George Township, Burt Manz was elected supervisor, beating Donald Ferris. Henry Kahlstorf was also elected as a supervisor. Wendy Bittman was elected town treasurer.

n Lakeport Township voters elected Scott Kampfer as supervisor over Charles Troxel. Lois Buckley was elected town treasurer.

n In Mantrap Township, Thomas A. Synstegard was elected supervisor and Betsy Anderson was elected town clerk.

n In Nevis Township, Thomas E. Walz was elected supervisor and Pat Hrubes was elected town clerk.

n Rockwood Township voters elected Gene R. Bakke supervisor.

n Michael Studanski beat Dennis Hansen for a supervisor seat in Schoolcraft Township. Debra Zubke was elected town treasurer.

n Paul Koring and Russ Schoeck were elected supervisors in Steamboat River Township. Tom Knight was elected town clerk.

n In Thorpe Township, Astrid Bortz was elected supervisor and Elaine Haskins was elected town clerk.

n White Oak Township voters elected Ed Dvorak and Ralph Badger to supervisor seats. Marlys A. Lehn was elected town treasurer.