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Nevis School referendum passes; Voters approve first of two questions

Nevis School District voters approved one of two questions asking for approval for upgrades to the school.

The first question was approved with 773 yes votes and 754 no votes. The passage of the referendum means voters authorized the school to issue general obligation school building bonds in an amount not to exceed $2,445,000.

The funds are for the construction and equipping of a classroom addition to the Nevis School for ECFE rooms, classrooms, a band room and receiving/storage and associated support spaces; the remodeling of the existing band room into a locker room; and associated mechanical, electrical and maintenance upgrades to that facility.

A second question did not pass, with 836 no votes compared to 678 yes votes. The question asked voters to consider an additional $580,000 for the construction of an addition to and the remodeling of the shop room and the construction of a hallway to connect the high school corridor to the Tiger Arena lobby.

The school board has indicated they will proceed with construction of the ECFE building, the passage of the referendum "the best way to provide the required matching funds."

Construction was slated to begin in the spring of 2013, with an expected occupancy in September 2013.