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Hubbard County townships see early stream of voters

Townships saw an early stream of voters this morning on Election Day. (Sarah Smith / Enterprise)

Hubbard County polling places got off to a brisk start Tuesday morning as voters began lining up at 7 a.m.

By 7:30 a.m. there were brief waiting periods.

Most voters expressed relief that Election Day had come, saying they were tired of the barrage of negative ads and non-stop television commercials.

The county permitted early voting via absentee ballots up through Monday and the Hubbard County Auditor's office was open Saturday so voters could get to the polls.

"At 7:15 the line to vote at (a local) Community Center winds through every inch of space and out the door," one voter posted on the Enterprise Facebook page. "I'm proud to see long lines of neighborhood people wanting their voice heard."

Election judges declined to speak to the media and strictly enforced a "no photos" policy inside polling places.

Auditor Pam Heeren said, "We have issued, either by mail or in person, 1465" absentee ballots. "In the last general election-2008-there were 1470 but you need to remember that the townships/cities were doing their own then. We were not processing them here."

"As I cast my vote today, the one hope I will have is whomever will be our next President that it will indeed be for the betterment of our nation," another voter posted. "May we once again become a strong, peaceful, and prosperous nation and may we all come together to achieve this goal."

Sarah Smith

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