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8 facing charges for conspiracy to murder; Fergus Falls victim also charged

PELICAN RAPIDS, Minn. - Eight people have been arrested here, including three juveniles, for conspiracy to commit murder after police say the group loaded up with weapons and planned to rob and kill a man then burn down his home here earlier this month, according to a WDAY News report.

Kimberly Ryan, 36, Kevin Forer, 18, Branagen Theisen, 22, and Brandtly Hutson, 19, all of Fergus Falls, and Zack Stewart, 18, of Erhard, have all either been charged or are awaiting charges, WDAY reports. The juveniles' names were not released.

Fikret Saric, the man the group was allegedly trying to rob and murder, has also been charged with attempted murder for firing a gun at them after he noticed they were carrying weapons, WDAY reports.

The alleged incident involved a dispute around $200 and 2 ounces of marijuana. Police say the group showed up to Saric's home on Oct. 4 with bear spray, a crow bar, knife, machete, metal baseball bat, gun and a can of gasoline, WDAY reports.

Police allege the group planned on sending two juveniles into the home to buy marijuana, then attack Saric with the bear spray. The others would then come in and finish the job, WDAY reports. To cover up the murder, they were going to douse the home in gas and set it aflame, police allege.

WDAY reports that Saric saw one of them had a knife, so he drew a gun and chased them outside, allegedly shooting at one of the cars.

The group fled in vehicles and called 911, leading to the arrests.