Weather Forecast


Beltrami County issues smoke warning and request not to burden emergency agencies with inquiries

Greetings- please immediately broadcast and share with all citizens- the smoke that is permeating the air in Beltrami County is coming from the wildfire that is raging across the north end of Beltrami County starting in the Fourtown area. The fire started approximately 100 miles northwest of Bemidji and is burning in an east/northeast direction. The smoke from the Fire is traveling south due to the cold weather front that is moving in.

Please do not call 911 or Law Enforcement unless you see actual fire. Our Dispatch phones are overrun with inquiries.

You will definitely see the haze and smell smoke - if you are asthmatic or are on oxygen make sure you keep your windows shut and make arrangements to have extra oxygen on hand. You might want to think about temporarily moving to another location while the smoke is in our area.

If we are lucky enough to have snow or rain today it should knock down the smoke.