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Park Rapids community funds 14 new wells to 5,000 South African children who might do without

The second year of Wellspring's Turning Wine Into Water was held last Thursday at Bella Caffe.

Wellspring For The World has one focus and that is to provide safe drinking water to the people of the world. With 1.1 billion people drinking and living with dirty, contaminated water every day, the need for clean water is enormous, the organization notes.

"We would like to thank the community for its overwhelming support since we formed a Park Rapids Chapter of Wellspring in the summer of 2011," said Carl Wall, President of Wellspring-Park Rapids. "We celebrate that 5,000 people have now received safe water through 14 new wells funded by the Park Rapids community, but the need is so great to continue our mission, as 1.1 billion people use dirty water every day."

Attendees sampled South African wines or juice. Three special videos showing the need for clean water and its impact on the lives of those receiving it for the first time were part of the evening's activities. Jill Eisele won the door prize drawing, which was a $100 gift certificate to Bella Caffé.

The second edition of Turning Wine Into Water was billed as more of a celebration of the 5,000 children and adults who directly benefited from the 14 new water wells, which Wellspring-Park Rapids received donations for in its first 14 months as an organization.

However, Wellspring still received enough money from this free will donation event to fund more than another half well (over $2,700). This will help another 175-200 people to have clean water for the first time just from donations received.

Donations or written communications can be sent directly to Wellspring Park Rapids, PO Box 936, Park Rapids, MN 56470.