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Minnesota Bankruptcies (August 25, 2012)

Chapter 7 is a petition to liquidate assets and discharge debts.

Chapter 11 is a petition for protection from creditors and to reorganize.

Chapter 12 is a petition for family farmers to reorganize.

Chapter 13 is a petition for wage earners to readjust debts.

Filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court


Bankruptcy filings from the following counties: Becker, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Hubbard, Mahnomen, Norman, Otter Tail, Polk, Traverse, Wadena and Wilkin.

Michael Moll Daniel and Lisa Marie Pimentel, East Grand Forks, Chapter 7, debts of $179,553, assets of $9,084. Pimentel is a car service attendant. Mrs. Pimentel is a cashier.

Brian J. and Jennifer L. Radermacher, Osakis, Chapter 7, Press Support, debts of $115,031, assets of $20,086.

Dean H. Swanson, Ottertail, Chapter 7, debts of $167,833, assets of $103,706.

Thomas Joseph and Heather Lee Burke, Ottertail, Chapter 7, debts of $233,025, assets of $204,940. Burke is a contractor. Mrs. Burke is a legal assistant and receptionist.

Robert Melvin Hagel Jr. and Debra Jane Hagel, Douglas, Chapter 7, debts of $365,810, assets of $211,083. Hagel Jr. is a cook. Mrs. Hagel is a physical therapist.

Jeffrey A. Christlieb, Osage, Chapter 7, self-employed, debts of $413,048, assets of $27,710.

Michelle M. Schave, Osage, Chapter 7, technical support technician, debts of $151,391, assets of $111,535.

James and Bonnie W. Bucklin, Browns Valley, Chapter 7. Occupation, debts and assets not listed.

James and Shay Asplin, Moorhead, Chapter 7, occupations, debts and assets not listed.

June Harmon, Moorhead, Chapter 7, bookkeeper, debts of $30,831, assets of $10,595.

Rebecca Ann Hagen, Moorhead, Chapter 7, occupation, debts and assets not listed.