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PR doctor reprimanded by state board

A Park Rapids doctor has been disciplined by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

According to a news release, Dr. Vern E. Erickson has been reprimanded for unethical and unprofessional conduct, improper management of medical records and inappropriate prescribing.

Erickson operates Erickson Medical Clinic, 205 W. 7th St., Park Rapids, according to information he reported and published online by the Board of Medical Practice.

The board, in a decision this month, said Erickson's license is conditioned and restricted in several ways.

In addition to the reprimand, Erickson is required to read documents regarding controlled substances for pain treatment and responsible prescribing of opioids by a physician.

Within three months, Erickson must submit a paper for review by the Complaint Review Committee to explain what he has learned and how he has implemented the knowledge into his practice.

Other conditions include:

Maintaining a daily log of all controlled substance prescriptions

Maintain patient records that reflect the patient complaint, examination, diagnosis, treatment plan, response to therapy, and medications prescribed, including refills

Develop and submit for Committee approval a narcotic contract for use with all patients receiving narcotics for chronic pain

Develop and submit for Committee approval a written protocol for the management and tracking of controlled substance prescriptions

Undergo an audit of his prescribing practices within three months

Pay a $5,948 civil penalty

The board ruled the stipulation and order wil