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Thief River Falls police: Man stuck gun in girlfriend's mouth during standoff

A Thief River Falls man is accused of sexually assaulting his girlfriend, threatening to kill her and sticking a gun in her mouth, leading to a 15-hour standoff this past weekend, according to police.

Marcus Brian Williamson, 26, is expected to appear in court today or Thursday to face charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, second-degree assault and kidnapping in state district court in Thief River Falls.

On Tuesday, he was at Sanford Medical Center in Thief River Falls on a 72-hour hold and will be jailed when that hold expires, prosecutor Kristin J. Hanson said.

Fight esclates

According to the criminal complaint, Williamson's girlfriend told police that she and Williamson got in an argument Saturday afternoon at their home in Thief River Falls.

The argument escalated and Williamson started to assault the woman. The complaint said she tried to leave, but he chased her down and dragged her back in the house.

Back in the house, he threatened her, putting a pistol in her mouth and also pointing a rifle at her, the complaint said. Then he sexually assaulted the woman.

She snuck out after he fell asleep, first going to a friend's house before reporting the incident to police.

Suicidal threats

When police went to Williamson's home at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, two of his brothers told them he was inside pacing and talking to himself.

Police called the house and spoke to Williamson's father, who said Williamson didn't have a gun, but wasn't willing to talk to officers or let them in.

The complaint said officers reported they could hear someone in the house screaming and making suicidal threats and called for backup.

At 4:15 a.m. Monday, officers ended the standoff by breaking down the door and arresting Williamson.

Williamson's girlfriend allowed them to search the house, where they seized a pistol and other evidence.

Hanson said Judge Jeffrey Remick signed a warrant Monday for a further search of the home.

First degree criminal sexual conduct is punishable by up to 30 years in prison and a $40,000 fine. Second degree assault is punishable by seven years in prison and a $14,000 fine. Kidnapping is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a $35,000 fine.