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100 years ago (1912)

Free Trip to state fair for 76 girls who win prizes this fall

The plan to take one boy from each county in the state to the state fair this fall free of charge and entertain him at the expense of the fair association, will be duplicated next year, only it will be a young lady on that occasion.

Mrs. Starkweather of St Paul, who is at the head of Woman's department of the Labor Bureau, has worked out a plan with the publishers of the Youth's Companion, which will be good news to the girls. It provides that at the county fairs to be held in in each county this fall, girls under 16 years of age may compete for first honors in bread making. The winner of first honors at each county fair, (there are 76 county fairs held in Minnesota each year) will be entitled to the free trip to the state fair and to entertainment while there. Plans for the entertainment of the girls and their care while at the fair will be provided, and every precaution taken for their safety and happiness.

Who will be the girl from Hubbard county to enjoy the pleasures of this trip?

There is $600 offered in prizes to the boys and girls of Hubbard county, which will be awarded at the county fair, as premiums for the best products of the soil. As a result of the work they are doing the boys and girls of the county will learn some valuable lessons.

75 years ago (1937)

County's Old Settlers Hold Their Picnic

Annual Outing Held June 18 at Moberg Picnic Ground

Between three and four hundred persons gathered at the Moberg picnic grounds on Lake George last Friday to attend the old settlers picnic of Hubbard county. Loud speaker equipment that was secured for the afternoon added greatly to the enjoyment of the fine program that had been arranged. Music for the afternoon was furnished by Mr. Showers and his daughter who played the violin and guitar and by Mr. Bassette of Lake George who played the accordion.

August Jarchow very ably took charge of the program in the absence of the president, E. C. Zimbrick of Park Rapids. Mr. Barclay, one of the old settlers, rendered a vocal number entitled, "Sing to me Birds of the Wild Woods" which was heartily applauded. A reading, "Let Me Live in a House by the Side of the Road" was given by A. P. Volkman, followed by a short talk by Wm. Pennar of Laporte.

The Showers sisters sang a duet, "The Old Rocking Chair," accompanying themselves on the guitar. This was followed by the reading of a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Seth Smith of Coquille, Oregon, residents of the community for many years. The Smiths expressed their regret at not being able to attend the picnic but stated that they were with the group in spirit.

Following a number by the Martin boys of Laporte the oldest settlers of the county present were given an opportunity to speak, which many did, commenting on the early days in that vicinity.

A short business meeting was held, Henry Miller acting as president in Mr. Zimbrick's place. August Jarchow was elected third vice-president and Mrs. Peterson was selected to take the place of Mrs. Moe, whose resignation as secretary-treasurer was accepted.


Enterprise To Install Larger, More Modern Newspaper Printing Press

Arrangements are being completed for installation by the Park Rapids Enterprise of a much larger, more modern newspaper printing press. The press will enable the Enterprise to broaden its news coverage, to expand its service to advertisers, and generally to produce for Park Rapids and its trading are a newspaper which should rank among the very best for any community of comparable size anywhere in the nation.

With present printing equipment at the Enterprise, each issue has been limited to a maximum of 12 pages, unless a supplement was used. With the larger press, the number of pages in each issue can be increased in multiples of two to any number desired, depending on the volume of news and advertising that must be handled. It is expected that instead of 12-page papers, subscribers will be receiving 14 and 16-page papers.

As a consequence, plans are under way to provide better, more detailed coverage of news throughout the area served by this newspaper. After the press is installed, and is in working order, readers should soon notice more news about events in our area than ever before.

The use of more and larger photographs in the pages of the Enterprise is another objective included in plans for the future with the larger equipment. Naturally, with a limited amount of space available for important news in our area, the number of photographs which can be used in any one issue is restricted in proportion to the space available. This is to be changed also with the more modern press.

Advertisers will be among the first to gain by installation of new equipment at the Enterprise. As soon as the press is in use they can feel free to prepare any conventionally-sized and shaped ad and be assured that when it appears in the Enterprise it will have maximum exposure to readers. Subscribers will find they can locate ads for their favorite retailers and service establishments even easier than under the system of placement now in effect.

The larger printing press will be one of the most modern manufactured and will use newsprint from a roll. The press will print and fold papers in one operation. Installation will require removal of most of the rear wall of the Enterprise building and some remodeling of the interior of the structure. Time of installation, completion of test runs and printing of the first issue on the press will depend on when printing press mechanics and movers can be assigned to the Enterprise job.

Although installation of a modern printing press is expensive to the ownership of the Enterprise, no increase in subscription rates will be made as a result of the investment. The current rate of $4.00 per year will remain as the regular subscription price in the Park Rapids region.

"Installation of this printing equipment at the Enterprise," says Publisher Don Swanson, "is one of a number of steps planned for the future to give Park Rapids and its trading area a newspaper with ever-increasing prestige and a commercial printing plant which can handle an even greater variety of the needs of the businesses and institutions in this region."