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Hail breaks car windows just west of Detroit Lakes

Hail stones left their mark on the rear window of this car parked in the SJE-Rhombus lot on County Road 6 west of Detroit Lakes.

Hail stones the size of golf balls and small baseballs smashed car windows west of Detroit Lakes this afternoon.

A half-dozen cars in the SJE-Rhombus parking lot on County Road 6 had windows broken out by the hail stones.

The storm was freakish in that one car would have serious damage, with multiple broken windows, deep dents and even hanging interior lights -- while one next to it seemed to have sustained little damage.

Detroit Lakes itself apparently received mostly pea-sized hail, but reports were received of larger hail stones in the Audubon, Cormorant and Rochert areas.

Kelly Shannon, of the Becker County Sheriff's Office, said he observed a vehicle driven by a woman on Highway 59 south with a severely cracked "spiderwebbed" windshield and a rear window that was completely broken out.

He said a gravel pit on County Road 6 was white with hail stones.

No injuries were immediately reported from the hail or the severe thunderstorm that passed though the area late this afternoon, he said.